White Paper:

The Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Expanding Protection and Expertise From the Cloud

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A cybersecurity skills shortage plagues the planet. With cybersecurity expertise in short supply and high demand, even organizations possessing digital security skills can be weakened by employee attrition in the virtual war.

Expert relief and stability can come from the cloud.

Cybersecurity is a high-pressure job, and many organizations are forced to take the “management by committee” approach. The following white paper explores the harrowing journey small IT security-conscious organizations face as they defend the digital network landscape, trying to keep their organizations and their customers out of the way of severe cyberattacks.

Budget- and-time-strapped small and midsize enterprises with oversaddled IT and network teams should evaluate cloud service providers for:

  • Affordable advanced security through security-as-a-service (SECaaS).
  • The ability to keep up with security updates, software patches, and equipment investment and maintenance.
  • Strategic value and staff development for the business, with full-time security coverage and mentoring support from cybersecurity experts.
  • Resource assistance and training for your internal cybersecurity teams, aided by the automation of mundane and frustrating processes.

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